Friday, December 18, 2009 update :)

So i think this makes what maybe 5 for the year? Hahaha! I figure who knows if anyone even reads this thing but just in case :) so 2009 is quickly coming to an end. With it, it has brought many surprises and changes in our lives. (no i am not pregnant again :) ) We bought a big old mormon station wagon (suburban), bought a new house and brought home our adorable little miss Piper, I quit my job and opened my own salon. Whew!!!! Let's hope 2010 can be a bit calmer, although an acceptance letter for Cameron would be greatly appreciated!!! We finally got some family pics done so I thought I would share those too. Merry Christmas to all! Please pass that along to everyone you come into contact with! I told Cameron I was starting my Merry Christmas campaign :) you would be surprised how shocked people can seem to be when you say it to them. Sad but true. Let's not forget the real reason for the season!!!! Love to all!
the Ray's~


Rebellious Roberts said...

love the pictures! and i love your new salon! im so happy for you. i will pass the good news (about your salon) to everyone i can think of :)

The Griffin Family said...

Yipee for updates!! :) Good work Jen. You guys look SO beautiful in these must be proud.
Andddd-I LOVE having you around!!

Amy said...

Beautiful pics Jenn.... hope you had a fabulous Christmas... best of luck at your new salon... miss you,