Friday, December 18, 2009 update :)

So i think this makes what maybe 5 for the year? Hahaha! I figure who knows if anyone even reads this thing but just in case :) so 2009 is quickly coming to an end. With it, it has brought many surprises and changes in our lives. (no i am not pregnant again :) ) We bought a big old mormon station wagon (suburban), bought a new house and brought home our adorable little miss Piper, I quit my job and opened my own salon. Whew!!!! Let's hope 2010 can be a bit calmer, although an acceptance letter for Cameron would be greatly appreciated!!! We finally got some family pics done so I thought I would share those too. Merry Christmas to all! Please pass that along to everyone you come into contact with! I told Cameron I was starting my Merry Christmas campaign :) you would be surprised how shocked people can seem to be when you say it to them. Sad but true. Let's not forget the real reason for the season!!!! Love to all!
the Ray's~

Monday, September 21, 2009

so not much new going on....thought I would share some new pics of the monkeys!!!

Friday, September 11, 2009


So Monday am we were downstairs watching TV ( I'm sure it was something useless :) ) and the lamp in the TV went out. Now mind you, this puppy is almost 5 years old and not one of the fancy schmancy new flat ones so it has this ginormous light bulb in it that has a warning label on it that it gives off radioactive waves or some such nonsense. Nice huh? So being that it is labor day we start the should we buy a new TV search or should we just replace the lamp in it. I figured there would be some good sales. TVs are stinking expensive! So i decided to see how much said light bulb would cost. The dumb thing is like $200. What the heck! So i told Cameron t forget it and within the hour we had gone from let's go out and buy a brand new one to taking the dumb thing out into the garage. It was fun watching Cameron pull a 51" TV off of the top of the fireplace mantel by himself :) So now the monstrosity is in the garage and we thought it would be such a good thing so that we would have more quality family time. Oh yeah, sure. So now everyone parks themselves upstairs in the play room in front of the thing and it's pretty much lights out by 9:00pm when the kids go to bed. So i feel like I'm going full circle cause now I'm back to square one with...hmm.....should we go get a new one or replace the lamp in the old one??? how sad that life can be ruled by such a dumb piece of equipment!!!!!!!!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Claire...this one's for you :)

Ok so Igot reprimanded from my good friend Claire that I had only blogged 3 times this year....well here goes. Let's see if I can keep up with this thing. I'm so good at checking facebook about 20 times a day so how hard could it be :)

Life has been busy the last couple of months. I went back to work when Piper was about 8 weeks old :( We had just moved into our new house about 3 weeks before she was born and I was still partially living out of boxes when I went back. Thankfully we are finally cardboard free. Not saying that everything is put up where it should be, but little piles on the floor make me so much happier than boxes :) I dread the thought of having to move again but I know that this house isn't a permanent place for us. Cameron had applied to physical therapy school and we are anxiously awaiting for responses so that we can know what direction our lives might be taking. We kinda would like to end up back in Florida, as Claire would say, GATOR country :) My mom wants to hear nothing of that of course, but my dad and sister love the idea. Who knows what will happen, i figure that the Lord will take us wherever we are supposed to go.

At the end of July miss Paisley started kindergarten. I can't believe my baby is growing up so fast. She loves going to school and is learning tons! If you ask her she just likes recess and making friends. She was student of the week the second week of school and Cameron got to go to an assembly where she got an award. Needless to say I was quite the proud mama!

Ryan is still my same little stinker. All boy! He is into everything and anything. He loves to climb and make messes! He is the sweetest thing on the planet though and loves to "nuggle" with you any chance he gets. He's quite the charmer and seems to get away with way too much!!!

Piper is growing by leaps and bound. She's quite close to rolling over and loves to try and sit up and stand when you hold her hands. She coo's and talks all of the time and has finally started to giggle. She is the happiest baby ever and so much fun to have around. I told Cameron that if I could be guaranteed that they would all be as chilled out as her I would have 10 more. He just roll's his eyes at me like always :)
Well, I guess that about catches me up! Let's all keep our fingers crossed that i can keep up to date now and if I slack, feel free to call me out on it!!!

Love you all! Jennifer

Sunday, June 7, 2009

haha! so i think i only blog for major happenings in our lives and i am still 3 weeks behind...oh well! So as most of you know we had Piper on the 19th of may. she was born at 4:30am and weighed 6lbs. 11 oz and was 20.5" long. She is a wonderful baby and we are so happy to have her as part of our family!!!

Sunday, December 14, 2008's been sooooo long!!!

So I have been a very bad blogger lately!!! Not sure why? I do check on here often and look at all of your blogs but I seem to have issues posting :) Anyways, mommy played photographer this weekend and tried to get some cute shots of the monkeys for christmas cards so I thought I would share and I wanted to post my latest vinyl creation!! Love it!!!!

Sunday, November 2, 2008


Ok so I finally uploaded pictures onto my computer so I could put them on here. Halloween was a lot of fun!!! Paisley was a pink poodle and Ryan was a red dragon. I decided to be a good mommy and dressed up as strawberry shortcake. :) Cameron was throughly embarrassed that I dressed up and decided that he should stay home and hand out candy and made grandma go trick or treating with us. Everyone was out in full force in the neighborhood. Some people had even made haunted houses in their garages which I thought was pretty ingenious! After about an hour Ryan had had it and started to strip off his costume. He was hot hot hot!! Only in Arizona is it 90 degrees when you go trick or treating. By the time we got home he was in a diaper and a sticky mess from eating a lollipop. It was really fun though and the kids loved it!!!!